We’ve lately been recording a music video with @mintmediahouse. We are really looking forward to share the results with you. The shots lookend amazing, so be prepared!! - - - - @life.of.jam @michaelmairamtinkhof #madax #withmadax #individuum #music #musicvideo #recording #videocam #shot #videoshooting #mint #mintmediahouse #Drown #madaxindividuum #mdx


Is it winter yet?
Madax - Shades of Freedom (Official Video)


This will be awesome!! Make sure to be there to support your local youth! #madax The Killbilly's Kevin Brook https://www.facebook.com/events/643163416063873/?ti=ia


This friday will be awesome! If you missed our album presentation, this is the right occasion!! Looking forward to rocking with you #madaxindividuum Ærre Project


If you've never seen it, this is the official music video to our song CLARIA! ;) SHARE SHARE SHARE SHARE #madax #individuum #claria
Madax - Claria (Official Video)




We've created a little Spotify Playlist with some of our favorite songs, the songs which inspired us, the songs which consciously and subconsciously affected our music style. Have a listen to enter the Madax world!! #Madax #NowPlaying #Spotify


https://www.facebook.com/events/2105159786383322/ getting really excited about this!!! #ᛗ #madax #atopthehill #ibk #jellyfish


Winter is nearly over.. but we like to enjoy some memories of it. Hope you like that too!! #madax #shadesoffreedom
Madax - Shades of Freedom (Official Video)


Auch wir sind jetzt auf dieser Playlist zu finden ;) mit High Brian The Sado-Maso Guitar Club Saint Chameleon hidden by the grapes Brain Factory und viele mehr ...
Endlich: Spotify-Playlist mit der besten Musik aus Graz


Another great memory of the Individuum Release Show: DROWN! Filmed by MINT Mediahouse, recorded and mixed by Egon Solderer! Like it, Share it, Love it! #whatgoesaroundcomesaround #drown #madax #individuum
Madax - Drown (Live at the Individuum Release Show)


'New York' was originally written by the 80s band DIUX, which our "sixth band member" Egon, who mixed this, was part of. It was a pleasure and a honor for us to rearrange this song so that it could live on! Here is a live video from the Individuum Release Show recorded by MINT Mediahouse with Jan Andrea and Michael! #madax
Madax - New York (Live at the Individuum Release Show)


Some time ago our friend Kil came to us telling us about a little project he had in mind. He created this video for us, celebrating freedom and our beautiful homeland mountains. Thank you Kilian, for the amazing job and for the constant support! Hope you enjoy it as much as we do! #madax #individuum #shadesoffreedom #dolomites
Madax - Shades of Freedom (Official Video)


A short video summing up the amazing night we had with all of you! Hope you enjoy it and maybe you can spot yourselves in the crowd! A special thanks goes to the guys of MINT Mediahouse for this stunning video! More is coming soon so stay tuned! #madax #individuum Listen to INDIVIDUUM: http://www.madax.it/streaming.html


Something is coming up next weekend!!




INDIVIDUUM is now available online too! Download it, stream it, listen to it, love it! #madax #individuum https://goo.gl/FFuZ4k


It has now been 6 years that we play together in our rehearsal studio at the Crepaz Transport headquarters in Ortisei. Since back then we have had the dream to play a concert in the magazine one day. A few days ago, our dream has come true and we even presented our first album Individuum. The "Individuum release party" was an unforgettable evening that has been made possible by many different people. Many thanks to: Crepaz Transport for the location, Egon Solderer for the awesome audiotechnical part and the persistence. To all the people who worked at the bar, the CD counter and the cleaning up, WEBE for the visuals and the light show, Mint Mediahouse for the filming and Martin Dejori for the photography. Danke an Urban Jaider, Manuel Goller, Marion Goller und David Moroder für die brass section, Greta Langgartner und Adam's Day Demetz für die backing vocals und Marco Lechner für die percussions. Un particolare ringraziamento a Atop the Hill per il bellissimo concerto. Degra a DUC che ie unic a nes scuté su, nëus son da stramb cuntënc. PS. More photos coming soon!


Maybe the most beautiful concert so far; for sure the most intensive experience with Madax. All photos by Martin Dejori


Ncuei dassëira dala 20:50 saron da udëi sun Rai TV Ladinia cun n valgun pensieres sun nosc album "Individuum" =)


#Madax #Wochenmagazin #dolomiten #yeah


Thanks to Backstage Südtirol, Stol.it and Südtirol 1 for this exciting interview, we liked it a lot. Listen to it today from 16:00 on radio Südtirol 1!! Or tomorrow, saturday from 19:00 and sunday from 17:00. Cheers
„Backstage“: Grödner Individuen


Some of you may not have had the chance to listen to it on Thursday, but, lucky you, there is the possibility to listen to this exclusive interview about our new album INDIVIDUUM. So if you want to hear some more insights take a listen to this!
Freier Fall 07


For those of you who didn't already know... Tomorrow 19:40 RAI Südtirol Radio http://radiofreierfall.blogspot.co.at/2017/12/uberraschendes-debut-madax.html
Überraschendes Debüt: Madax!


And the winners are... Thanks to all of you who participated in this contest! Vielen Dank allen Teilnehmern dieses Gewinnspiels! Congratulations to Lollo D'Alessandro and Gloria Sommavilla for winning one free album INDIVIDUUM!! Enjoy!


Falls jemand etwas mehr erfahren will..
Grödner Band „Madax“ veröffentlicht erstes Studioalbum


INDIVIDUUM IS OUT NOW!! * After years of hard work and dedication we proudly present you our first studio album, INDIVIDUUM. Much passion has been poured into this project, and therefore we are endlessly happy to have reached the point where we can share it with all of you. Hopefully we can transmit some of this fervent passion to you through our music. ** We certainly would like to thank all of our fans, friends and family for the constant support and everyone else who somehow contributed to the creation of this album. ** INDIVIDUUM wants to be a voyage through society, trying to give sense to all of our individual existences and so, if we have made you curious, don't hesitate, get an album and let you take in from our songs. You will be able to purchase a copy of our album at Despar Dolomiti, ERSE Arte Gardenese, Agip Ortisei and of course from all the band members! ** +++ Das Album ist beim Despar Dolomiti, ERSE Arte Gardenese, AGIP-Tankstelle und allen fünf Bandmitgliedern erhältlich. +++ ** - Madax #madax #individuum #withmadax #ᛗ