Danke Kufstein für den unvergesslichen Abend gestern! Tolle Stadt, tolle Leute, tolle Musik! Thank you Kufstein, you were awesome!!! #Kufstein #Tirol #KufsteinUnlimited #Festival #Rocknroll #Madax #Individuum


This saturday we will be performing in beautiful @kufsteinerland for the amazing Kufstein Unlimited festival. 3 days of really great acts, so make sure to be there. Our stagetime is 9pm !! For more infos follow the link in out bio ;) See ya !! - - - - - #madax #madaxmadness #withmadax #kufstein #kufsteinunlimited #rockconcert #festival #performance #axefx3 #motifxs6 #marleauxbassguitars #kufsteinrocks #seeyou #openair #individuum #drown


Next stop will be the Zugluft Open-Air in Brixen this Sunday! Make sure to be there, we will start playing at 13:30 for some good afternoon action!! More infos here: https://www.facebook.com/events/800011273673470/ In addition some pictures of our last concert in St. Lorenzen!


First off this weekend at the Mai:Rock Open Air in St. Lorenzen! We are very happy to start off with some nice Open Air, with some great bands! We will play at 8pm, but the whole program is worth attending so make sure to be there!! More infos here: Mai:Rock Open Air 2019 Noréan Le Iene -ska/punk- PERIN & BARBAROSSA MineLine Zwirg and the bitches - - - #madax #withmadax #concert #openair #rockmusic #rocknrolll #rockanddance #openairfestival #mairock #stlorenzen


We are ready to head off into the warm seasons with some nice concerts and we are happy we get to come around so much! Hopefully you manage to join us at some of these! ⠀ A really big THANK YOU goes out to Joshua Billsborough for the stunning graphics!⠀See youu!!!


Are you ready for some #madaxmadness ? Information about our upcoming concerts will be released soon. Meanwhile rewatch (and share) this to get in the right mood🤪 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ntdp3d2N5Q
Madax - Drown (Official Video)


There is a lot going on for us right now! Prepare yourself for concerts and projects in the upcoming months. Stay tuned for the news!


Check out this amazing venue we will be part of this May! Cheers 🎉


#throwback to the concert we played in @carambolagebozen last November! What an amzing night! New concert dates will follow soon, so be prepared 🤟🏻 ~ ~ #madax #withmadax #individuum


Vagando per i meandri del web, abbiamo trovato una recensione del nostro album INDIVIDUUM. Dateci un'occhiata :D Grazie METALWAVE 🤘
Madax «Individuum» | MetalWave.it Recensioni


Take a look a this ;) Danke Musik in Südtirol für das Einbeziehen auf eurer Seite!


About a year ago we released our first album, 'Individuum', and since then we had the possibility to experience lots of unique and precious moments. We presented our songs to you on many occasions and the way you reacted to them was astonishing every time. We never imagined that our music could reach your hearts and souls in such a short time and we are infinitely thankful for all the support and help YOU granted us through this year. It's still a little early, but I can assure you that 2019 will be a great year for us, for you and hopefully for all of us together! #withmadax #THANKYOU
Spotify for Artists | 2018 Wrapped


#haveaniceday #enjoylife #dontDROWN #Individuum #Funk


We gladly present the music video for "Drown" ! Give it a look and tell us what you think about it ;) Thanks to everyone who helped us shooting this video, but especially to the MINT Mediahouse for their exceptional work! #madax #drown
Madax - Drown (Official Video)


Here another capture from the #drownmusicvideo Can you spot some unfamiliar faces?


Another shot from the #drownmusicvideo Thank you for your support! Keep liking and sharing, the wait will soon be over!


Trying to play driving around in a car 😅 The DROWN music video is goming very very soon! Stay tuned!


Are you ready?! The DROWN music video is coming soon and it will blow your mind!! Stay tuned! #madax #DROWN #musicvideo


We’ve lately been recording a music video with @mintmediahouse. We are really looking forward to share the results with you. The shots lookend amazing, so be prepared!! - - - - @life.of.jam @michaelmairamtinkhof #madax #withmadax #individuum #music #musicvideo #recording #videocam #shot #videoshooting #mint #mintmediahouse #Drown #madaxindividuum #mdx


Is it winter yet?
Madax - Shades of Freedom (Official Video)


This will be awesome!! Make sure to be there to support your local youth! #madax The Killbilly's Kevin Brook https://www.facebook.com/events/643163416063873/?ti=ia


This friday will be awesome! If you missed our album presentation, this is the right occasion!! Looking forward to rocking with you #madaxindividuum Ærre Project


If you've never seen it, this is the official music video to our song CLARIA! ;) SHARE SHARE SHARE SHARE #madax #individuum #claria
Madax - Claria (Official Video)


We've created a little Spotify Playlist with some of our favorite songs, the songs which inspired us, the songs which consciously and subconsciously affected our music style. Have a listen to enter the Madax world!! #Madax #NowPlaying #Spotify


https://www.facebook.com/events/2105159786383322/ getting really excited about this!!! #ᛗ #madax #atopthehill #ibk #jellyfish


Winter is nearly over.. but we like to enjoy some memories of it. Hope you like that too!! #madax #shadesoffreedom
Madax - Shades of Freedom (Official Video)


Auch wir sind jetzt auf dieser Playlist zu finden ;) mit High Brian The Sado-Maso Guitar Club Saint Chameleon hidden by the grapes Brain Factory und viele mehr ...
Endlich: Spotify-Playlist mit der besten Musik aus Graz