History of the band

Madax are born from a shared vision of creativity and a burning ambition to challenge the unwritten rules of society. They were a little surprised when, after making it into the finals of a prominent Austrian band contest, they managed to register their first album in Vienna; but this prodigious group of youngsters powered by their neo-80's rock sound have been acting hard since they got together back in 2012 in Ortisei, Italy. 'It became clear straight away that the time was right to bring back these forgotten harmonies combined with modern influences and contemporary state-of-the-art sound engineering and recording', says lead singer Luca. They could not be happier with their fans supporting them at their numerous concerts, in which they express genuine devotedness to music. This will definitely not be their last album. Keyboarder Alex reveals, 'we will definitely continue writing songs and proudly staging our new album.' Besides that, Madax will definitely stick to their individual sound. As lead guitarist David remarks, 'We've met so many people who say "this is the kind of music I love, why is nobody else playing it?" that we wouldn't want to do anything else.'